About Us




We love to invent new things on the way.

Our main goal is that you like our products and love it

We are instantly experimenting, combining precious metals, playing with color stones and diamonds.

We do not imitate others, making our own path, simply being inspired by people and things we meet.

When we like something, we want to have it made and distributed.

Affordability is another our cornerstone, we instantly working to make out product not only authentic but surprisingly affordable for the customers, picking best offers on the stones market and optimizing usage of precious materials.

Our collections are designed exclusively in Estonia and manufactured in Holland, UK, India, Far East and Argentina. Wherever we find good hands, we make our jewels.

We welcome all the jewelers who can make something entirely authentic.




Costa-  son of economist and financial adviser from St.Petersburg (Russia), following call of his heart, tried many ways:education in Marine College, taxi driver, University degree in Psychology, Casino manager, wandering-undercover-hippie in India, finally gemstone dealer and jewelry designer



While traveling in India, he met indian yoga master and philosopher Ram who became his guru and friend - this meeting has changed his life once more, along with Yoga he learned to trust one’s destiny and believe in one’s own limitless potentials.

“Dealing with gemstones is the Way of life, it can not be just a job,  there must be complete involvement, devotion, passion for beauty and ability to take  very quick and risky decisions.” -says Costa.

Being in business from 1997, Costa has developed close connections with jewelers and gemstone dealers all over the world.

He is personally selecting and buying gemstones and in charge of manufacturing units. 


Alla-  Costa’s spouse and partner in business, by the time of their meeting in 2007 she just finished her education in finances, changed her plans of career for an opportunity to build up jewelry brand. She takes care of your orders and accounts of the company.


Tatiana-  Costa’s mother, economist and accountant with over 30 years of practical experience, joined The Company after retirement in 2006 finding new way of life in the world of jewelry. She is leading sales manager and specializes in presentations and legal side of the business.



Igor-  born in cold Siberia. Artistic and creative man with vast marketing experience. After meeting Costa on 2015 in Tallinn, Igor took his time to realize where his heart belongs: jewelry, driven by the artistic roots of the family, the irresistible desire to create, and a fascination with jewelry since




Ludmila-  born in Estonia, University graduated gemologist ,with priceless for us experience in gemstones certification, joined The Company in 2003. She has taken great part in developing manufacturing units in India.


Joining our experiences and skills we are instantly working on creating our gems and jewels collections, developing new technics of cutting stones and making jewelry along with rediscovering old ones.




- SOPHYGEMS jewels are made by the old good way:

We select stones that you'll like.

We purchase them.

We design your jewelry according to our inspiration and to the story that stones are telling us.

We have it made where we thing it’s best to do so.

Our product is mostly HAND MADE, in rare cases we have to use casting molds we don’t use them more that once. You may be sure that piece of beauty you are holding is absolutely unique.




Our main point  is to deliver to our customer’s unique product with no extra costs, without any mediators.

Our jewelry is made only with natural materials on our manufacturing units; it is absolutely unquestionable in terms of price and quality.

Please do not be surprised by our prices, our mission is to deliver affordable things even to the most picky customers.




Gold and silver are beautiful materials, they require attention and skill, we make our jewelry from solid 925 silver, 585/750 gold and platinum. We also successfully combine in the same piece of jewelry those metals to make our jewelry strong, wearable and allow us to deliver much greater value for the lesser costs. We let gemstones tell their story helping them to find the way to your heart.




We instantly learn from our customers what they love to have in their collections. They are people with developed taste for handmade jewelry with character and it’s not easy to satisfy them .Our goal is to take this challenge.




Unusual, unexpected, extravagant.

Expression of emotions and self expression, delicacy and fragile fragrance of romance, Victorian vibe, retro and deco- we simply learn from the best artists, contributing our own humble part to it.

In silver jewelry, that’s our main specialty, we love simplicity – just a beautiful, well cut, stone in a simple mount, well set, polished and with best rhodium on it to make our customers happy for life. We love large semi-precious stones that simply speak for themselves.

Great thanks to Indian masters- there is no other place on Earth where those quality hand works   could be made for the reasonable costs.

We love Victorian style – combination of gold, silver and old cut diamonds, unique settings of that time. Old Dutch and British schools were our gurus in this way.

We deeply admire mastership of deco jewelry – the hardest nut and greatest challenge for and artist. We have to be thankful to Argentinian masters for preserving this skills – most challenging platinum pieces we make there.





Daring to be yourself, following your own exclusive identity, far from quickly fading fashion and synthetic jewelry culture of the present times. Only real things for real people. Be proudly different and express it, let others know your refined taste and delicacy. Our things represent very traditional but at the same time immortal values of beauty, stylish unique individuality and passion for natural things.




RAM - in life simple villager from India, who was selling gems and jewelry to tourists, was our first guru. He knew little of stones and a lot about human nature and spirit. Great philosopher and adventurer, brave and loving man, father of 7 children. Without him that project would not be possible.


TONY  – our dear friend, jewelry trader from Birmingham, who could recognize in us  greater potential that we could at the time, instantly helping us with his precious advise and concern. Father of 3 kids, simply Good Man in the deepest meaning have that world, he was always an example for us of how to fairly and responsibly deal in jewelry trade. Without his expertise this project would never be what it is.


LEONOR  - jeweler from Amsterdam, truly passionate designer who introduced us in the world of deco jewelry and inspired us to always go for the highest challenge.  Her delicate taste and appreciation for the old times craftsmanship, finding genius solutions to the most difficult tasks in the process of jewelry creation. 


We deeply thank our  DEAR CUSTOMERS for appreciation of our work that allowed us to continue this trip and grow. We thank those who worked very hard and long to create this on-line project.


We thank ALL WHO EVER WORKED in our team and those who continue to do so for giving the most precious of all on earth – their time, attention and passion.




Roots of our brand are Russian, one of the places where old jewelry school was preserved and developed.

Legally we are Estonian company with main interests in markets of England, Baltic Countries, Germany and all Europe.

In practice we are holding of companies that are registered in Holland, Estonia, Russia and India, having strong partnership in UK, Hong Kong, Argentina and Thailand.




Our business processes is organized in a multi-national manner, without being tied to any particular country. Our jewelers are in England, Estonia, Argentina, India, and Hong Kong. Our production works on the principles of free cooperation. We consider that, in today’s world, this is an optimal form of conducting the whole process. To minimize costs to our customers, our logistics and certification are carried out in the Baltic region.

Most of our items are certified in Estonia. At your request we can arrange certification of any item you wish from the State Assay Chamber of Estonia, and provide it in an electronic format on the official website of the Estonian Assay Office. We are confident that this is the most reasonable price in Europe we pay to certify and value your favorite piece of jewelry.




We consider our mobility to be a great advantage. We love to travel. This gives us the privilege of working without middlemen in many parts of the world at the same time. We directly purchase gems from markets in Jaipur, find small diamonds in Bombay, larger ones in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London.

We buy gold and silver at market prices and gems of first quality in the secondary markets of the United Kingdom with a fantastic discounts. The SOPHY GEMS team includes experienced buyers, as well as excellent gemologists. It is our primary area of expertise.

At your request, we can analyze your gemstones at any of the European Gemological Laboratories. We try to make the process as easy as possible for you and we enjoy doing it.